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COEXIST | Art Exposition




Through the selection of paintings and installations, Facundo Kostelak shows the link between time and space in which he lives and transits, aspiring to represent the sensations and emotions caused by the alterations of becoming. In the creative process he resorts to the contemplation of spaces, and appeals to subjectivity to re-project the interrelationship between the individual and the territory.

The human body and objects are conceived in a state of disarticulation and degradation that are related to each other, thus a problem that is linked to the ephemeral nature of existence becomes visible. It seeks to take the figures to the limit of their contours and overflow them, evading the original form, in some works to the point of vanishing its identity, showing the being and the objects as fragile and vulnerable, anchoring itself in the gesture of the passage of time and the distortion.

By Noelia Panasiuk

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